About Me

I’m a recent university graduate with a passion for multiple sports, the beach, and good music. Yet overriding all of this is my fundamental love of motorsport.

I have been an avid fan of motorsports from a very young age. I remember ruining the skirting boards of the living room with my Scalextrix, playing Colin McRae Rally on my battered Playstation 1, and watching Formula One races with my Grandad.

Other sports have never captivated me like watching cars go round and round. Weird, I know.

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Le Mans 2018; second visit to La Sarthe in a row, we won’t talk about what happens in the campsites…

I have always had an opinion, always seen something in a race or an interview, and agreed or disagreed. At school, there were only a few people who could discuss the events of a race weekend, and so I was only ever able to talk about minor details. As time went on, my passion for motorsports of all kind grew, and this is that outlet.

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Look at that smile, John Barnes and Mark Farmer look also happy to be there!

My first experience of live motorsport was when A1GP visited my local circuit Brands Hatch, back in 2007. Sensory overload is the only way I can describe it. Being stood at Druids as the Sprint Race got underway, seeing the field plunge through Paddock Hill bend, accompanied by the screaming V8’s was simply impeccable.

I was hooked.

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Concentrating very hard on capturing that perfect phone background!

I hope you enjoy my page, and the content I offer.

See you soon!

Tim Fullbrook

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