WADA’s ruling on Russia could prove chaotic for Daniel Kvyat and Sochi

Yesterday, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) instigated a four year ban on Russian athletes from international events, and the hosting of international competition on Russian soil.

Athletes will be unable to compete in next years Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, and the Qatar Football World Cup, both scheduled for 2022.

However this has placed doubt over two F1 entities, namely the only Russian driver Daniel Kvyat and the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi.

Photo: Sochi Autodrom (Twitter)

Although it is not oft spoken about, F1 drivers are scrutinised in the same way Olympians are, with continual anti-doping measures to make sure no one is illegally enhancing their physical performance.

Grand Prix races can fall under the Major Events Organisation banner, for which Russia’s ban extends.

If Kvyat is deemed to fall under the WADA ban he may be forced to appeal his innocence and race under a neutral banner, potentially the first ever to do so in the sport’s history.

Photo: Sochi Autodrom (Twitter)

Sochi remains up in the air. Autosport reported that event organiser the Rosgonki Company is confident the event will go ahead as it is near contractual impossibility to cancel.

A statement from the organisers added “there is no legal and technical possibility to withdraw and reassign the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix to another country.”

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