Lamborghini are serious about a potential DPi/Hypercar entry

As reported by Sportscar365 the Italian manufacturer has been in talks with top class endurance series on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lamborghini are keen to enter into a top class, like the DPi specification in IMSA, or the Hypercar class set to reshape the WEC in the autumn of 2020.

However, somewhat undermining the excitement of a potential brand like Lamborghini joining is, as Sportscar365 reports, their belief that combining the regulations between IMSA and WEC is a “must have.”

Head of Lamborghini Motorsport, Giorgio Sanna told the publication, “We hope for a convergence, a technical convergence, between ACO and FIA with IMSA. For us, for Lamborghini, this is a sort of must-have.”

“I think it would be very, very beneficial for the manufacturers and for the promoters. It’s what everybody is looking for, to have a car eligible to race worldwide.”


As much as I love the idea of Lamborghini coming into the top divisions of endurance racing, I think their requirement for convergence between series, whilst understandable, might be unlikely in the coming years.

What do you think about Lamborghini wanting to enter into the big series?

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