Why Suzuka should host a WEC event

In the last two years the WEC has expanded it’s season to now include more races and more action.

The series has sought to bring the best endurance racing in the world to wider audiences. Most recently, Sebring joining the calendar for the 2018/19 season for a joint weekend with IMSA, was an absolute masterstroke.

This season’s schedule sees the WEC return to both Bahrain and Interlagos for the first time since 2017 and 2014 respectively.

Photo: WEC

However, I believe there is a track that deserves to be on the calendar: Suzuka.

The circuit that has played host to the Japanese Grand Prix almost every year since 1987.

Amongst drivers, and fans, the 5.807km circuit is one of the best in the world, and the WEC visiting would be something of a sensation.

The main reason the WEC will never race at Suzuka is the presence of the Fuji Speedway on the calendar. The Japanese circuit is owned by Toyota, who have been in the series since 2012, and the involvement of one of the world’s biggest automakers will heavily influence the decision.

Maybe the ACO/FIA should consider changing the calendar in light of the new era that awaits. With hypercars looking to take the series to another level of relevance, the increased global interest could be compounded by visits to circuits well-known to committed, casual, and ‘non’ fans alike.

Imagine the future hypercars barrelling up the iconic Esses, and GTE’s going side-by-side through the immortal 130R.

Just a thought…

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