This weekends DTM finale is forecasting exciting times ahead

The championship may have already been wrapped up by Audi’s René Rast, but this weekends DTM finale at Hockenheim has much wider implications that just rounding off the season.

The DTM championship has been joined by three cars from Japan’s SuperGT, one of the most exciting series in the motorsporting world.

The three cars will practice, qualify, and race alongside the 18 DTM regulars, with stars such as 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button, and 2017 SuperGT champion Nick Cassidy making up an impressive line-up.

Photo: Super GT

Both the DTM and SuperGT championships utilise the ‘Class One’ specification of car, and whether it’s a BMW or a Nissan, they are built to the same set of rules.

As the DTM expands to new horizons, visiting Sweden for the first time in 2020, and hosting a race at Monza, Italy, the championship is beginning to become more international and more widely recognised.

I pose the question, is this weekends races actually a forecast for how the DTM might look in the future?

Could we see cross championship entries from the manufacturers involved? Or could the DTM be on the road to an international rebranding?

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