Can the C8.R take Corvette to Le Mans victory?

The C8 was one of the most highly anticipated road cars of the year, but just as eagerly expected was the unveiling of the C8.R.

This week Chevrolet unveiled the car that will compete in both the IMSA season, and the legendary Le Mans 24h.

The car represents a monumental shift in Corvette’s philosophy, moving from the front-engined V8s that have carried the Millennium Yellow machines to eight Le Mans class victories, to a mid-engined, V8 that may potentially be turbocharged.

Other manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, and Ford have long run a mid-engined layout, with Aston Martin recently joining the trend with the latest Vantage GTE.

It is no surprise that these brands have shared class honours since 2016.

Photo: Wikimedia

Corvette last took victory at Le Mans in 2015, when the C7.R was only a year old but it has gone on to become one of the longest serving GTE cars.

Will the C8.R take the American brand to the top of the podium? Or are the likes of Porsche and Ferrari too strong?

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