Wing Wednesday: Lotus 49 and it’s incredible rear wing set up

The Lotus 49 was one of the most incredible cars in Formula One history. In competition for four seasons, in updated versions, the car won a total of 12 Grand Prix, scoring 23 podiums, 19 pole positions, and lead the team to two Manufacturers’ titles in 1968 and 1970.

Designed by the legendary Colin Chapman, the 49 was the first F1 car to use a Ford engine, and became a trend setter when it came to aerodynamic innovation.

At the 1968 Moncao Grand Prix, the team had fastened sizable wings to the front and rear of the car, but most memorably the wings were several feet in the air.

Photo: Reddit

The idea behind this was that they would be in the ‘clear air’ unaffected by the turbulence of other cars.

Unfortunately such incredible appendages were banned as breakages lead to dangerous accidents.

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