Rating the F1 2019 Liveries

The newest Formula One cars promise to be the fastest of all time. In the second pre-season test Sebastian Vettel lapped a minuscule 0.049s slower than Lewis Hamilton’s 2018 pole time.

Not only are they quick, much comment has been passed about the aesthetics of the 2019 class.

New aerodynamic regulations to aid racing, predominantly the simplified front wings, has lead to cleaner looking cars.

Whilst the championship will be decided regardless of how the cars look, this is how I think they would place in an F1 beauty pageant.

10th – Williams FW42

The new FW42 takes some getting used to, reigning F2 champion George Russell will be hoping he and teammate Robert Kubica can acclimatise fast. Image: Williams Racing

The livery of the new Williams FW42 is definitely a grower, but at the moment it is difficult to like.

Having lost the Martini sponsorship – and the paint scheme that comes with it – Williams had a clean canvas for 2019.

All the hoping for a return to the navy blue of old was sadly wasted by a sponsor laden livery is reminiscent of online racing lobbies.

A full ROKiT coloured livery would have been too far, so this is a happy compromise, but ultimately the car just doesn’t look as racy as the rest of the field.

9th – Renault R.S.19

Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg will drive the familiar looking RS19. Image: Renault Sport

The black and yellow, although sleek and brand-identifiable, is starting to get a bit boring.

Despite the clever design that makes the car appear different colours from different angles, it would be nice to see a bit more of the old school Renault schemes.

8th – Red Bull RB15

The RB15 shed it’s launch livery for the typical Red Bull colours. Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly will pilot the now Honda-engined machine. Image: Artes Max (Wiki Commons)

The Red Bull livery has remained relatively unchanged throughout their 14 years in F1.

Minor changes in 2013 brought a more purple glimmer to the cars, but in recent years a matte finish has been the main styling which the new RB15 also dons.

Many thought the new Honda engine deal would warrant a new look, however the Milton-Keynes squad stuck to their usual colours.

Add to the mix that the team revealed a stunning ‘launch livery’ that did not stick around for very long.

7th – Toro Rosso STR14

The STR14 keeps the eye-catching Toro Rosso blue, with the Honda red stripe. Daniil Kvyat returns alongside rookie Alex Albon. Image: Getty Images/Red Bull content pool

The Toro Rosso liveries have been brilliant since the change away from a Red Bull-esque design to the more unique chrome blue in 2017.

The 2019 design is worthy of being higher up, but a handful of new styles mean the machines from Faenza are in the bottom half.

6th – McLaren MCL34

Rookie Lando Norris, and Carlos Sainz will drive the new MCL34. Image: Xavier Bonilla/NurPhoto

The Woking-outfit got it right when they decided to run the papaya colours made famous by founder, Bruce McLaren.

The orange always stands out on track, and the additional splash of the geometric blue design makes for a two-tone look that is simple and effective.

5th – Racing Point RP19

Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll will drive the new RP19. Image: Artes Max (Wiki Commons)

Three years ago many would have laughed at the thought of a pink F1 car.

Now, going into 2019, the BWT-sponsored Racing Point car is one of the best looking on the grid.

The clean pink tone is broken up by darker-rose accents, with white blocking around the BWT logo dividing larger colour blocks.

The first official Racing Point car features sponsorship from Kenyan betting company SportPesa, adding a stylish blue accent to the engine cover.

4th – Mercedes F1 W10 EQ Power+

Unchanged driver line-up for Mercedes, with 5-time champion Lewis Hamilton alongside Valterri Bottas. Image: Artes Max (Wiki Commons)

Mercedes have pretty much pumped out the same livery on their cars since 2013, only making changes here and there to ensure sponsor visibility.

The Silver Arrows have made – for them – a considerable livery change that is both simple and eye-catching.

The three-pointed star affect on the rear of the car definitely rids the design of monotony, and may also cover up any detailed aerodynamic sculpting towards the rear and floor areas.

3rd – Haas VF-19

The Haas VF-19 will be driven by Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen Image: Artes Max (Wiki Commons)

It is common knowledge amongst race fans that black and gold colour schemes always look good.

The Haas VF-19 is no exception to that rule.

The black and gold combination was made famous by the JPS sponsored Lotus GP cars of the 1970s and 80s, before making a brief return with Team Lotus between 2011 and 2015.

Haas pick up the baton where Lotus left off, bringing back the retro styling thanks to the colours of main sponsor Rich Energy.

2nd – Alfa Romeo C38

The Alfa Romeo C38 to be piloted by 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen, and newcomer Antonio Giovinazzi Image: Enzari

Having taken over the Sauber entry for 2019, the new Alfa Romeo team decided to stick with the colours used whilst sponsoring the Swiss-team in 2018.

The livery is clean, handsome, and affective in maintaining brand identity.

The split red/white style also manages to successfully hide the halo device.

The dark blue stripes down the nose of the car seem a polite nod to the Sauber BMW days.

It is difficult to make further comment on a car that simply looks brilliant, well done Alfa Romeo.

1st – Ferrari SF90

Sebastian Vettel and new signing, Charles Leclerc, will not have to worry about how the SF90 looks. Image: Artes Max (Wiki Commons)

It was an easy choice for top livery. The Ferrari SF90 looks exactly how an F1 car from Maranello should look.

The matte scarlet is stunning, and the choice to lose any white blocking has led to a cleaner and more retro appearance.

Main sponsor Mission Winnow has also adopted black colours, allowing for the red to really pop.

This is the kind of car that will make it onto the bedroom walls of young fans, should of course the team emerge triumphant come season end.

Regardless of that, the SF90 wins the Tim Fullbrook F1 livery of the year award. *Applause*.

Let me know your ranking, and whether you agree with my decisions or not!

Header Image: ESPN

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