5 ways to cope with the racing offseason

Its that time, the dreaded offseason. Formula One finished a week ago today, WEC SuperSeason isn’t racing again till March, and Christmas television seems to be the same five adverts on repeat. Here is five ways to help get through till the 2019 racing season gets underway!

1. Visit your local race track

It only takes a quick search online to find that many racing series have events early in January. 

From club racing to track days, the likelihood is your local race track will have some form of motorsport taking place before the global series get back to business.

These events will be cheap to enter, and the smaller crowds allow you to visit the best vantage points at the track. 

Some circuits may have limited facilities on these lower list events, so don’t expect to find your favourite merch shop or F1 simulator in the fan area, but if you pack some supplies for the day all you will need to buy is a cup of tea to keep those hands warm.

Go local! Image: tfRRT

2. Rewatch Everything

With media sharing platforms having increased motorsport content, there really is something for everyone. 

I have rewatched Le Mans, Daytona 24h, and multiple NASCAR events in the days between race weekends, but the winter offseason is where “full race reply” frequents my YouTube search bar. 

My top suggestion would have to be the 2017 Le Mans 24h as something to watch. Last years race was a spectacle from lights to flag and having been at the event itself, I have loved the fantastic coverage uploaded to YouTube.


Or, if you don’t have that much time to dedicate, work your way through this years F1 highlights videos and relive the exciting 2018 season.

3. Motorsport Gaming

Not sure of what to do with that empty couple hours on a Sunday afternoon? Why not set up your own Monaco GP, Endurance race, or Touring car battle on your favourite racing game.

Whether you play Gran Turismo Sport, Project Cars 2, iRacing or another game, there are plenty of hours of fun and excitement to be had gaming. 

Try recreating Lewis Hamiltons German GP win from 14th on the grid, or Ford’s GTLM victory at the Rolex Daytona 24, or set up your own racing series and get fellow gamers to take part.

Immerse yourself in some racing to scare away offseason boredom Image: Wccftech 

4. Merchandise

It’s Christmas, so why not treat yourself and purchase some motorsport merchandise. Many sites have sales over the festive period, allowing you to get some quality cop for little pop. 

If you’re searching for an old school Benetton jacket, or a Team Bentley cap, or even just a “Leave me alone I know what I’m doing” phone case, motorsport merch is a good way to support your favourite team, and help you look forward to 2019.

5. Countdown Timer

If the offseason blues have really set in, and literally nothing will bring you out of it, then why not just set up a countdown timer till your favourite series is back, and just….watch it….tick down….slowly….but surely…..

(And yes, I have definitely done this)


There is hope, the Formula E season gets underway in Saudi Arabia on the 15th January, and thats not that far away!

Formula E will save us from the dreary offseason! Image: Formula E

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