Ricciardo to “give it two more cracks” before leaving RedBull

In a short video message to his social media followers, Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed he will be competing in the final two rounds despite Mexican GP comments.

After retiring from an almost certain podium position last weekend, Ricciardo didn’t hold back in his comments.

The Australian said he “didn’t see the point in the last two races,” but has now backtracked on that statement in the post saying he “just needed a few days off.”

Ricciardo added, “It’s been obviously massive highs and lows this year, more lows unfortunately.”

Before rounding off the video by saying, “I look to myself and all the guys who work their butts off to give it two more cracks before we see each other off.”

As a fan favourite, Daniel Ricciardo has always been an outward speaker, a true character in F1. In the modern world of PR-correctness and ‘brand image’, Ricciardo has continually displayed the raw emotion of motorsport, and has garnered massive praise and following because of it. We all hope he has a strong send-off from RedBull as he leaves to join Renault for 2019.

Daniel Ricciardo’s instagram post is available here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpphmspnfDl/

Header Image: Essentially Sports



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