Hamilton believes Alonso’s decisions cost him titles

Lewis Hamilton says he believes that Fernando Alonso’s career choices limited the Spaniards success in Formula One.

Hamilton and Alonso had a tumultuous relationship at McLaren in 2007, generating massive tensions within the team that were visible to the public.

Considered as two of the best of their generation, they never again fought head-to-head for a championship after they were teammates.

Hamilton said that Alonso’s team changes meant the pair never properly battled for a title, putting it largely down to his 2014 move away from Ferrari at the end of the season.

“He was a top driver, and he could go almost where he wanted to go. And decisions are very very key. Decisions are where you place yourself.”

Hamilton explained that Alonso left Ferrari thinking he “controlled the driver market.”

“As soon as he gave up the postion [at Ferrari], Seb [Vettel] grabbed it and then it’s not like he could go back.”

And there was no place where I was [at Mercedes].”

Alonso came closest to a third world title in 2012 with Ferrari, narrowly beaten by Vettel who clinched his third title with RedBull.

It goes without saying that Alonso’s move to McLaren in 2015 put an end to his potential to challenge for championships, with the Woking-based squad unable to impress with a poor Honda engine. Alonso fans across the world hope to see the Spaniard back to winning ways should he complete his move to IndyCar for 2019.


Header Image: bekia.es

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